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Tippareth Piper

Tippareth’s inherent core strengths are exactly what you need in a real estate agent.
Her top five strengths are: strategic thinker, problem solver, achiever, communication and
empathy. These characteristics along with the skills and knowledge that she gained over two
decades of experience in the home financing and loan servicing side of the business are what
makes Tippareth truly a fantastic fit for the real estate profession.
Tippareth started in this business as a home loan processor, then became a loan officer. She
went on to build wildly successful home mortgage branches for the nation's largest home builder
before getting recruited by Wells Fargo to move from Oregon to Charlotte, NC to manage and
improve the efficiencies of large home loan underwriting and closing teams. When she chose to
leave her corporate career, she was a VP managing pipelines of well over a hundred thousand
loans on the servicing side of the business.
Tippareth is not only knowledgeable about the business of buying and selling properties, she
also brings a passion for homes in general. She believes that houses are so much more than
just buildings and land. “A home can become a place where investments become financial security,
where young adults find their independence and where couples join their lives together. Homes are the
place where families are born and raised, where friends gather to celebrate together, where people and
pets find their sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and it’s also the place where
seniors welcome their grandchildren for the holidays. The homes that you choose to buy and/or sell are
special and this is a very personal choice. Let me help you find the right one for you.”
Knowing the importance of what a home means to us all, she will provide top of the line
customer service while waking you through the process one step at a time. And, she will
provide each home purchase and every home sale with the appropriate level of professionalism
and compassion for her clients and will use her excellent attention to detail skills to ensure that
the process goes as smoothly as possible with the best outcome possible for her clients each
and every time.
Tippareth has lived in the Charlotte area for 14 years and has now become a part of the
Belmont community. She participated in the design and build of her mill style home which is just
a short walk into town where she goes to yoga and stays involved with community events and
friends from town. She and her husband have two adult kids and 4 grandchildren and three jack
russell pups. She loves camping, hiking and road trips as well as painting, reading and cooking.
Fun fact: Tippareth is also a second generation silversmith who creates sterling silver jewelry
and sells it in town.

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Charlotte NC 28203

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